Kundi Group


The unbeatable quality of our services is what has earned us the recognition we enjoy today. Our existing clients testify to our professionalism, efficiency, and economical Customs Clearance Services. No matter what the time or day is we make sure that we are always available for our clients whenever they need to get in touch. Services tailored to your needs along with a personal touch in our customer relations have made Kundi Services a lifetime decision for many of our clients.
Service is our business.

Formed in 1972, Kundi Services has been successfully servicing importers and exporters for over 30 years. Our continued growth is attributable to strong company management and financial stability. Our commitment to service excellence has established us as one of Pakistan's leading Customs Agent.

Our innovative leadership in the introduction of advanced information management will continue to strengthen our growth and enhance our service excellence as the world moves toward the rapid uptake of electronic commerce.

We provide you with real time, on-line information about your consignments when and where you need it. This is why Kundi Services is regarded as one of Pakistan's leading Customs agents.

Our working philosophy is to ensure that our customers always come first. We aim to become your business partner, offering expert advice and solutions to all your importing, exporting and warehousing needs.

Kundi Services has had no customs penalties issued against it or its clients and is well regarded by Pakistan Customs.

The number of penalties issued against an importer, exporter or customs agent impacts on the way the Pakistan Customs treats particular importers and agents. Importers and customs agents with no penalty history generally enjoy lower customs scrutiny and minimal delays in delivery.

Kundi Services offers a total service covering door-to-door shipping, customs clearance, transportation, storage and distribution, import documentation. So, no matter what your cargo needs is, or from where your business operates, our integrated air, sea, and road networks will ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time, every time.


We, at Kundi Services offer you a complete solution to all your freight requirements. So no matter whether you require customs clearance, transportation, warehousing, or door-to-door delivery of your cargo, we ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time using our integrated air, sea, and road networks.

Our global partner’s service network covers key areas of world trade. Our domestic networks cover all points within Pakistan and Afghanistan. We can pick up and deliver your goods anywhere, anytime.

Information Services

In addition to our top quality services, and as part of our ongoing commitment to our valued customers, we also provide up-to-date exporting and importing information.


Precise and exacting consultancy services are available regarding Customs Tariff applicability, Laws, Procedures and Sales Tax. Guidance is provided in the preparation of Import documents so as to avoid delays and complications at the time of goods clearance.

In matters of dispute we prepare, attend and contest legal cases up to Collector level for our customers. We also help and assist attorneys engaged by our clients on professional matters in cases where Tribunal or Higher Courts are involved.


When it comes to offering Custom Clearance Services, we are counted amongst the most reliable companies in the market. We provide world-class services with utmost honesty and dedicated work practices. We make sure our prices are affordable so you’ll never need to worry about any aspect of your customs clearance- from the receipt of documents to delivery of goods.

Customs formalities for the clearance of imports or exports consignments are highly regulated in Pakistan. The correct preparation and completion of the clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not followed.

Kundi Services can ensure the appropriate documentation is filled out and the correct importing and exporting procedures are followed to minimize clearance delays.


We are a "one stop shop" in Customs clearance and transportation of project cargo.

Our Head Office is located in the vicinity of the Karachi sea port, making it very convenient to deal with all ocean freight and rail shipments to Pakistan Coast. We can also arrange clearance for your goods at any port in Pakistan with electronic links to associates across the country.


Processing of refunds, duty drawbacks, release of bank guarantees and Indemnity Bonds and follow-up of cases referred to the valuation branch are undertaken.


We arrange secure and economical warehousing keeping in view our association with multi-national and national companies.


We have a quick and reliable transportation system through our associates from anywhere in Pakistan & Afghanistan to the required destination, for all sorts of goods e.g. plant & machinery, heavy equipments, odd size packages, raw materials and spares.